I’m PattyAnne  – a Fiber Finatic.

I love weaving and spinning and knitting and sewing (well not so much the sewing ’cause it’s difficult for me!) and kayaking and hiking (until I broke my foot playing Duck Duck Goose — don’t ask LOL) and my husband and my kids (including my son-in-law!!) and my dogs and my angora bunny  and my bird and……….

Let’s see…what else….

I’m a former middle school teacher.  I loved it (yes, I really loved the kids at that age!)  but I had to quit to care for an ill family memeber.   I still get my teaching ‘fix’  though!!  I get it by teaching all things fiber related in my home studio, in nearby yarn stores, in churches and at girls’ night out parties !! I’m hoping to teach some homeschoolers soon!

I work out of my home… full time…. I do web design amongst other things! Several of the sites I work on are www.probatter.com www.gandb.com www.puertacubana.com

I am also a Schacht Dealer which means you can purchase Schacht products from my home studio or my online store.  You wanna know what I absolutely love about Schacht products (and I think you’ll LOVE it too!)?  I love that the folks at Schacht build great quality tools —  right here in the USA — Colorado to be exact!!