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Using Fiberworks to create a name draft for a 4-shaft loom

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with Fiberworks – coming up with Name Drafts for my 4-shaft loom. Look how easy!!
Watch this on YouTube (full screen). Make sure to CHANGE the Quality of the movie so that it is clearer. You should change it to 720HD.

Handweaving question and I’m quite happy with these towels!

I wove 16 towels using the directions in Handwoven magazine – Nov/Dec 2009 issue. The instructions in the magazine are for 3 variations: ‘huck’ towels, ‘huck lace’ towels and ‘huck boxes’ towels. I had the easiest time weaving both the ‘huck lace’ and the ‘huck boxes’. For some reason I had [...]

The Saori Story — one of my favorite ways to weave!

I would LOVE to have looms to use for this… Hey, I do… My Cricket looms and Flips (assuming the folks are able to hold the shuttles)!!
Hmm… I wonder how I could get started offering FREE classes for mentally and/or physically handicapped kids and adults?? Anyone know???
Here’s what I’m talking about:
In Japan in the late [...]

DRATS!!! HUGE Threading error!!! WAH!

These towels WERE gonna be sooo purty!!
Weaving buddies out there…. can you spot my threading error????
Please humor me and tell me you’ve done something like this!!

Double Weave Bag is off the Loom!

Here is the latest on the bag. I still have to make the handle and add the closure.
It’s lookin’ pretty GROOVY…. Yes, I’m from THAT era.

Wonder what a Double Weave Bag is?? – Watch A VERY short video

I have been having a bit o’ fun on the new Wolf Pup LT learning to do DOUBLE WEAVE.
In case you’re wondering what the heck double weave is… I’ll show you a glimpse in the following video.
The directions I’m following for the bag are on this website. PRETTY DARN COOL STUFF!!!! [...]

Hagood Mill on Saturday AND 14 towels off the Mighty Wolf

This past Saturday I had a blast at the Hagood Mill in Pickens, SC. Once a month they have Folk Life Exhibits including:
* Operating Water Mill
* Blacksmithing
* Spinners
* Weavers
* Flint Knappers

Shawl of MANY Colors

This shawl is plain tabby weave. I didn’t want to try a pattern as I thought it would be lost in all the pretty colors and textures of both the warp and weft.
Here’s a shot of the yarns I used:
Here is the finished shawl. I just LOVE it. The colors and textures are gorgeous. [...]

I did it!!!

I warped my Schacht Mighty Wolf all by myself!! I did manage to twist a few warp threads which messed me up a little but I was still able to do the tabby weaving and the twill as instructed in the book, “Learning to Weave” by Debbie Redding. This book is FANTASTIC! [...]