Using Fiberworks to create a name draft for a 4-shaft loom

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with Fiberworks – coming up with Name Drafts for my 4-shaft loom. Look how easy!!
Watch this on YouTube (full screen). Make sure to CHANGE the Quality of the movie so that it is clearer. You should change it to 720HD.

Live Cam – Pete’s Pond in Africa – Great fun to watch!

It is VERY addicting. You have been forewarned. :)

Since its inception in 2005, Pete’s Pond on Mashatu Game Reserve has continued to regale the world with the excitement of Africa through live broadcasts…..and all via satellite, courtesy of National Geographic Remote Imaging and Mashatu Game Reserve

Live video by Ustream


I’ve been working on sewing yo-yos for a new project. Here’s how I make them….

Sewing with PattyAnne video

I have been having a grand old time at taking classes. One of the classes I particularly like is Machine & Hand Applique with Alex Anderson. Her class is divided into 18 sections. The following snippet shows one tiny tip that Alex gives in her classes. I think it’s a real doosey. I wanted to make sure I remembered how to do it soooooo… I’ve made a video for myself. Maybe some others out there will find it helpful. *crosses fingers*

Here is the super fantastic tip. :)

This machine crazy quilt pillow looks like fun!

I think I’m going to try this crazy quilt pillow although rather than a pillow I may make a sketchbook cover. I have TONS of really cool yarns to couch.

Free motion sewing machine beading???

Has anyone tried this? I don’t have a Bernina but figure this would work on any machine.

However, what about the extra top thread when she moves from bead to bead?? Is it unsightly?

Zendoodle? Zantangle? Whatever….I say it’s Zen COOL !!!

I’m Learning to Landscape Quilt!

Yesterday I worked on my first sample landscape quilt. I’m pretty happy with how it is turning out! The piece is pretty much monochromatic – all shades of purple. One element I particularly like is a hand-dyed, handwoven mountainous area. The handwoven fabric adds a really nice texture to the piece.

The quilting was done on my machine. I’m getting much better at free motion quilting. In one area I did a stipple type free motion while in another area I did what I might call corn rows (I wanted the area to appear to be rows of garden flowers).

Today I’ve begun to add beads! Adding some teeny tiny beads with embroidery threads radiating out from them created lovely stars. I added some round brownish/gold beads to the handwoven fabric ….just because. No seriously, I love the bling look of beads and I don’t have much of a stash so I used what was on hand.

Catch a Falling Star

Beaded hand dyed/handwoven fabric

Sewing and Quilting

I have been having a blast lately… sewing and quilting. I’ve made several little wristlet bags, a few purses, a “green” lunch sack, a Nook cover, quilt squares, and mug rugs (for an online swap).

Here are a few pictures of some of my latest. (Sorry, no picture of mug rugs (already sent to my swap partner) or baby quilt.

I’m having so much fun. I LOVE all the lively colors!!!

What an inspiration!!